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Search millions of trading records and find new suppliers and customer sales leads with our database of over 170,000 importers and exporters for the UK, with more added each month!

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Search millions of records and find new suppliers from over 170,000 companies who are already shipping to the UK.

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See what your competitors are shipping each month.

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Find thousands of potential new customers based on their previous product trade records.

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Build lists of potential suppliers or customers and download your search results to share with your sales or procurement team.

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Get the most up to date import and export company lists and access millions of trade records in the UK.

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Search for products by name or classification code or search suppliers and customers by name.

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Forget slowly searching and collecting prospective customer lists.  Access our database and have 170,000 current importers and exporters at your fingertips.

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We update the data every month so you get the most up to date list of active importers and exporters.

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Our data can give you a deeper understanding of your sector and reveal competitor purchasing trends and supplier shipping patterns.

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Our database is an invaluable tool for new customer sales and supplier lead generation.

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Who uses Trade Data Vault?

Business Owners

Business owners looking to cut costs or expand their products can instantly find a list of import suppliers for existing or new products. Businesses can also find lists of exporters to distribute products abroad.

Competitive Intelligence Analysts

Use our services to find where rivals source products and how frequently they import or export products.

Sales & Marketing Professionals

If you sell to importers or exporters, you can find over 170,000 current and active importers to market your services to.

Manufacturing Companies

Grow your business overseas by accessing our list of exporters who you can contact to distribute your products to every corner of the globe.

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